Raquel Wilson at the Africa Business Forum in Egypt, Dec 2018

Raquel Wilson is an international development professional with nearly two decades of experience leading strategic communications, innovation and gender-focused activities for United Nations and government agencies in Europe and Africa.

An advocate for more equitable and sustainable communities, she is a former Diplomat that led the deployment of the first online platform for monitoring hate crimes across Europe for the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

While Head of the Strategic Communications and Media Unit for IOM’s Somalia Stabilization Initiative, Raquel supported the Federal Government of Somalia in connecting rural women to government services through a weekly radio program and listening group. She has led communications strategy for the African Development Bank’s Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Multi-Donor Trust Fund, worked with UNICEF as a Digital Strategy Consultant from 2006-2018, and successfully completed the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa’s Training Program for African Women Investors.

A founding member of Slow Food International's Dakar community, Raquel joined the official Senegalese delegation to Terra Madre 2016, a convening of food activists from across the globe. As Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Dakar Farmers Market in Senegal, Raquel played a vital role in designing a community-focused approach to promoting economic growth for local food, homewares and beauty producers, generating more than $25,000 USD in revenue for the once monthly event.

The Co-Editor of No Tees Please: Why Africa Aid Campaigns #FAIL, a crowdsourced inquiry into the practices of inventing disadvantageous aid campaigns, Raquel worked as Campaign Manager for Social Media Week Lagos’ #55FORWARD initiative, bringing together ambassadors from fifty-five African nations to discuss how they use social media to meet the needs of a rapidly increasing youth population.

She was Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer for Jetstream Africa, a supply chain platform simplifying export logistics for African suppliers, and served as an adviser to technology startups with the pan-African business accelerator MEST Africa.

Dedicated to keeping access and education in the forefront of art conversations, Raquel joined Young Art Collector, an agency that engages artists and emerging collectors in supporting an inclusive and lucrative global art community, as a Senior Partner, and participated in the 2017 ICI Curatorial Intensive in Accra, Ghana. For Dak’Art OFF 2016, Raquel designed “La Ville et Moi: Art Adventure Mystery Hunt”, a programme that initiated children, ages 6-13, into art spaces in and around Dakar.

Renowned for connecting people across her expansive international network, Raquel is committed to abolishing food deserts, introducing more diverse voices into culturally considerate climate change conversations and mentoring young women in discovering themselves unapologetically.